Thursday, 07 Jan, 2016

Omakase Course for January

January 2016
MUTSUKI, Omakase Course
RM230.00+ / per person

Today’s Appetizer

MUTSUKI Special Plate

Aperitif Soup
Japanese Traditional Rice Cake Soup for New Year’s Day, “ZONI”

4 Kinds of Assorted Seasonal Sashimi

Steamed Dish
Simmered Alfonsino in HINODE Style

Grilled Dish
Burdock Rolled in Australian Wagyu Beef with Orange Sauce

Rice Dish (You have a choice)
1. Squid Rice
2. Nigiri Sushi 5 Pieces
(Supplement RM60.00)

Digestif Soup
Shijimi Clam Soup

Today’s Special Dessert

Coffee or Tea

For reservation: 03-2110-5499