Wednesday, 09 Dec, 2015

Omakase Course for December 2015

December 2015
SHIWASU, Omakase Course
RM230.00+ / per person

Today’s Appetizer

SHIWASU Special Plate

Aperitif Soup
Thick Crab Soup with Lotus Root Ball

4 Kinds of Assorted Seasonal Sashimi

Steamed Dish
Simmered Anglerfish with Liver

Grilled Dish
Grilled Australian Wagyu with Nozawana Rape

Rice Dish (You have a choice)
1. Grilled Eel Rice
2. Nigiri Sushi 5 Pieces (Supplement RM60.00)

Digestif Soup
Fresh Laver Seaweed Clear Soup

Today’s Special Dessert

Coffee or Tea

For reservation: 03-2110-5499