Monday, 14 Sep, 2015

Kamikaze’s Signature Ramen

If you are looking for authentic Tonkotsu Ramen,

look no further than Kamikaze in One Mont Kiara Mall.

Taking 20 hours of boiling pork belly with secret recipe for sauce,

it creates Kamikaze’s 100% Tonkotsu signature ramen, called “Shiro Ramen”.


Monday, 14 Sep, 2015

Miso Ramen!

Our Chef of Kamikaze proudly introduces you the specialty of miso ramen soup

that forms by the basis of rich bone stock added with Miso that is made in Japan.


Monday, 14 Sep, 2015


If you are a noodle lover or a slow eater,

better choose to eat Tsukemen (Dipping Noodle) to avoid ramen noodle

to become too soft in the soup over time while you’re eating.

Simply grab a small bunch and dip it into the soup.

You can also change the flavors by adding fried garlic

and chili and make your own favorite soup.

Enjoy your Ramen moments! 🙂